Agricultural textile

The company has good experience in the implementation of agro textiles. We are dedicated to providing a full range of agro fabrics to protect any crop. The fabric is able to protect vegetables and fruits from weeds, birds, parasites from crops. They also contribute to obtaining a rich harvest ahead of schedule. At the same time, the plants will be healthy and environmentally friendly.


Our main business is the trade in workwear for workers. Ready-made suits for workers from global brands. We are glad to offer: Overalls, safety footwear, hand protection, work suits, etc.
We trade only high-quality workwear that meets all the requirements, is of good quality, functional, and includes different sizes.

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This material is an excellent protection for all crops. It is able to help you get a rich harvest ahead of time. Plants will be healthy and environmentally friendly. The fabric perfectly protects against harmful weeds. In addition, parasites and birds will not be able to reach from crops.

Properties of agrotextile

The use of the material makes it possible to simplify the process of planting and caring for crops.

The material does not allow weeds to grow, blocking the access of sunlight to the soil.

Rotting does not occur under agrotechnical fabric, and mold does not appear.

The fabric keeps soil moisture at an optimal level.

The canvas perfectly transmits sunlight and fresh air.

Range of clothes

The range of products provided by our company is selected in such a way as to satisfy the basic needs of potential customers in high-quality workwear, safety footwear and other protective equipment.

The product range corresponds to current market trends and includes all elements of work equipment, selected according to the season, the range of protective properties and risks associated with the performance of certain production tasks.


We provide the following product categories:

PPE - personal protective equipment for eyes, breathing, hearing, protective headgear, dielectric products.

Rotting does not occur under agrotechnical fabric, and mold does not appear.

Work gloves of various spectra - for protection from cold and heat, disposable, for protection against cuts and exposure to chemicals, work gloves, etc.

Overalls - work and protective, insulated, signal, medical + promotional clothing and work suits.

Work shoes - boots, lightweight shoes (shoes, sandals, sneakers), insulated shoes, etc.